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Saskatchewan trophy Black Bear

Conservation is key to a sustainable and healthy ecosystem. With a high population of black bears in Saskatchewan and a significant increase throughout the years, Wilderness Family Outfitters has the special opportunity to offer high quality and successful trophy back bear hunts. In the first couple of months of post-hibernation, these bears often finds themselves scouring the land in search of food. With over 20 years of baiting bears in the Wollaston Lake area, these trophy black bears know exactly where to go and waste no time getting there. We specifically conduct our black bear hunts in the months of May and June to make absolute sure that you go home with a bear of a lifetime.


WFO Hunting Experience

WFO Hunting Experience

Feel the bone chilling thrills...

of coming face to face with a Canadian black bear. As you sit waiting for a sign, you hear a crack not far off into the distance. As you scan and listen, you can feel your heart pound out of your chest; coursing adrenaline through your veins. As time goes by you wonder, where could he be? Without any warning, there he is; staring right at you...

The WFO hunting adventure is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Your northern Saskatchewan trophy black bear hunt starts multiple weeks before you arrive to camp. Our promise to you is that we will do everything that we can to give you the best outfitting experience with a beautiful trophy to match. We start to prepare in the first week of May by using premium baits to lure the bears into the area. We put trail cameras up on each bait site so that we can monitor what comes in and what goes out, so by the time you arrive and are ready to hunt, we have a target bear to set your sights on.

Looking for colour? We have approximately 25% colour-phase bears; anywhere from blonde, tan, cinnamon, chocolate, brown all the way into black bears with a blaze.

Hunt in two options:

Tree stand | Bear Hunting | Wilderness Family Outfitters | Saskatchewan

Tree stands provide distance from you and the animals, giving you the piece of mind during your hunt. Feeling comfortable not only improves the experience of your hunt but it also allows you to take your time, thinking about all the things that we had told you to make a clean and ethical shot.

Ground Blinds | Bear Hunting | Wilderness Family Outfitters | Saskatchewan

Ground blinds provide an experience for those seeking a thrill or simply for those who prefer to be on the ground. Ground blinds are perfect for those who want to sit with a buddy, need extra space to move around, allow someone to film, and gives a little shelter from the elements. Ground blinds do not take away from your hunt in any sense. 

hunt with many options:

Here at Wilderness Family Outfitters, we specialize in hunting trophy black bear with bows, however, you are able to choose whatever weapon you feel comfortable hunting with. Whether you're dead set on hunting with a rifle or you're not entirely sure and want to bring multiple weapons, we have no problem with that. Weapons you can bring include: Traditional bows, compound bows, crossbows, rifles, muzzle loaders, and shotguns. Pistols are not permissible in Canada. 


32 Million Acres

32 Million Acres

can you imagine...

having access to millions of acres of land and water, to walk where no man has walked before, or to be the first person to ever hunt that area? It's not only possible, it is realistic! Wilderness Family Outfitters has an enormous area to explore and discover and we want you to be a part of that journey. 


With access to over 32 million acres, Wilderness Family Outfitters can take you where you want to be!


With over 100,000 lakes in Saskatchewan, there is no limit to where you can go!


Northern Saskatchewan is the perfect habitat for trophy sized black bears!

It's no wonder how this vast area has created
so many trophy-book bears.

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Leave all of the hard work to Wilderness Family Outfitters. We put the time and effort in to making sure that your hunt is nothing short of amazing. We are the best bear hunting lodge in the north, with trophy sized bears to match.

5 day/6 night

$4,700 Per Person

Drive to camp and save $500!

- 5 days of guided black bear hunting and 6 nights in our rustic or modern accommodations.
- Round-trip airfare and travel from Saskatoon to camp.
- Hotel and shuttle service upon arrival into Sasktatoon.
- Home cooked meals.
Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast, etc.
  Lunch: Homemade soup, shore lunch, sandwiches, etc.
  Dinner: Lasagna, pork chops, chicken cordon blue, etc.
- Rested night's stay in our rustic or modern cabins.
- Daily transportation while in camp via quad, boat, vehicle.
- 25+ Premium bait sites with 12 MP Muddy cameras on each.
- Hide and meat prep: Packing out, pictures, skinning, hide preparation and freezing.

but wait, there's more!

Scroll down to combo the fishing!


The Ultimate Combo

The Ultimate Combo

don't miss out!

Sure, you came for the thrill of the hunt…

But you will certainly thank yourself for combining northern Saskatchewan's finest fishing on Wollaston Lake to your Wilderness Family Outfitters trophy black bear hunt! The opportunity to add an unbelievable fishing experience to an already incredible black bear hunt is something we at Wilderness Family Outfitters pride ourselves in.

Spend your mornings out on the water catching monster pike that Wollaston Lake is notorious for, then head back to camp to prepare for some heart-pumping, adrenaline-packed trophy black bear action! Tag out on your bear early and fish for the rest of your trip! It does not get any better than that!

wfo fishing

+ $500

- Access to prime spring fishing times for all three species of trophy fish:
    - Northern Pike up to 50" +
    - Lake Trout up to 40" +
    - Walleye up to 27" +
- Trophy fish: quality and quantity are caught this time of year.
- Non-stop action: fish in the morning, hunt in the evening.
- Complete your Wilderness Family Outfitters trip: tag out early and fish for the rest of your days.

Hunting ($4,200) + Fishing (reg. $3,425) = ONLY $4,700!