Unbelievable Fishing!

    Seriously, the fishing is phenomenal! If you're a pike angler, this is the place to be! When we talk to people at our shows, we try to describe to them how good the fishing actually is, but nobody believes us! It is so hard for people to understand that catching fish on nearly every cast is the norm up here on Wollaston Lake. Measuring an astonishing 110 miles in length and 45 miles wide, over 1,000 square miles of water and a maximum depth of 318 feet, there is more than enough water to host a lot of fish and a lot of trophy fish. Not only is Wollaston Lake the third largest glacial lake in Saskatchewan but the only boats that you will ever see, will be WFO's! 

    Wollaston Lake is well known for its trophy sized Northern Pike. Pike as long as 55" have been caught in our lake and for anyone who knows about pike, that's a tough task! The amount of time it takes to grow that large in the far north is astonishing! With years of experience in survival and even more experience in predation, these fish are a once in a lifetime opportunity!

   Just like the northern pike, Wollaston's Lake Trout are also a force to be reckoned with. Lake trout can grow up to 55" long and can reach up to 100 pounds! When these suckers get hooked, they head STRAIGHT down. For the walleye anglers out there, multiply the fight by 20 and that's what it'll feel like to tug on a good sized laker. That's a fight you will never forget!

   But that's enough said about those two fish. How about the walleye and Arctic grayling?

Well, the Walleye in the north are by no means trophy-sized, however, fish up to 7lbs can be caught. With Wollaston Lake being so large, there is plenty of room to host these fish.

The size of a Rainbow and the fight of a Tarpon, is what makes the Arctic Grayling the top fish on many anglers list. These strong swimmers live amongst the rapids of the cold clear waters that flow into the lake.

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