Well, we've got the first week under our belts and it feels great!

Monday, May 21

Dennis was able to harvest his first bear on the first night; something that occurs quite often here at Wilderness Family Outfitters. He had sat in a ground blind with his .338, tucked away amongst the trees. He waited and waited until a young boar surprised him right at the bait. (It's incredible how quiet these animals can be!) After an hour had passed since the time he had arrived, the young boar had enough of the bait and ventured off of the bait, leaving Dennis with hopes of another one showing up soon.

At 8:15pm, the target bear had shown up. Dennis chambered a round and set his rifle up onto his shooting sticks. Glancing through his scope, Dennis waited for the perfect shot. The boar could sense his presence and guarded himself behind the barrel while he stuffed his belly full of liquorice, chocolates, trail mix, fig bars and a few other goodies. When was he going to give Dennis a shot?

Dennis scouted this bear through his scope for one whole hour. After the hour had passed, the target bear had had enough and decided to take off into the forest. As he got up, Dennis was certain that the bear would give him a shot. The bear looked around, quartered to his right and BANG! Dennis had sent a .338 bullet right behind the shoulder; it was a perfect shot.

The bear took off and died in its tracks, not 30 yards from the bait barrel; leaving an easy clean up for the WFO guides. The group showed up to the lodge at about 11:30; happy, hungry and ready for a nice hot meal. Lasagna was on the menu that night and boy, what is good!

Tuesday, May 22

We had set the bear up on our scale and lifted him up with the bobcat. He weighed in at 190 lbs. We were surprised by this number! (Once we had skinned him out we realized that the guy didn't winter well.) We got him propped up by the sign and had our signatures photos taken with Dennis' trophy bear! He was so happy with everything about his hunt!

As we went into the lodge I had checked social media; like I normally do. An interesting message had popped up on our Facebook page; SAVE ME! We had been in contact with a guy a week prior to the start of our week, asking how things were looking up where we were because his outfitter down south hadn't been answering his questions. I won't go into too much detail but long story short, he ended up being kicked out of his camp and left to fend for himself. He got a hold of wifi and contacted us wondering if we could save him. We came to his rescue and got him to camp that same day, letting him hunt the rest of the week; starting Wednesday through to Friday.

He was so happy to step into our lodge. The stories he had to tell about his experience were enough to make you sick! We were happy that he was in our care; we made him feel much better! 

Wednesday, May 23

He sat his first night at SSR; a name of one of our baits. He was amazed by the amount of bears that he had seen that night; coming from two days of seeing zero bears with the original outfitter.  He spent his night video taping his encounters as he didn't see the bear he was after.

Thursday, May 24

We had him sit another bait to see if he liked any of the bears on that stand. Again, by the time he got back to the lodge he was still pumped up by the amount of bears that he had seen. He had seven bears on that bait, all the while sitting in a ground blind; something he had never really done before. He had so great stories and awesome footage but still, didn't see the bear he was after.

Friday, May 25

Thursday night he said "guys, it's my last day to get a bear of my dreams. Am I able to sit early morning and stay out all day?" We said "heck yeah, lets get you a bear!" We got him out at about 7:30am. He had sat all day, only seeing two bears. We knew there was a beautiful, mature boar in there because of the trail cam photos that we had seen the day before, but he hadn't seen him yet.

At about 7:30, there he came. He strutted in without a care in the world; as most mature boars do up here in the remote wilderness. He knew John was there so he tucked himself behind the barrel for about a half an hour. One of our guides walked in to check in on him and give him some food but he had seen this beautiful boar at the bait barrel. He hid away in the bush and was wondering why that bear hadn't been shot yet!

Without any notice; THUNK! An arrow had flung and the boar was hit! Unsure of the shot, our guide decided to wait and let the bear lay down to die. They came back to camp and told the gang. We were so happy for him! His last day of a "roller coaster" of a week. We went back at around 9:00pm and found him tucked away in a tree patch just down the hill, probably 80 yards from the barrel. We took some field photos and carted the bear away. We got him to the lodge, propped him up in our shop and left him overnight.

Saturday, May 26

Normally, our clients leave in the morning but we had to take pictures and skin the bear. We woke up early and got this all done so Dennis and John could leave at a reasonable hour. They got away at about 9am and arrived in Saskatoon safely.

We carried on and got ready for the next week; cleaning, organizing and baiting more bears!

Thanks for tuning in!
Until next time, keep living life at full draw.