What we recommend everyone to bring to Camp: 

What To Bring

Our main lodge features a fully stocked tackle shop. Rental equipment is available for spinning, baitcasting and fly-fishing. Your guide will have a generous selection of appropriate lures, you need only replace items that are destroyed or lost. We also offer a wide range of top quality clothing, rain gear, gifts and more for sale.

Here is a list of basic recommendations:

Clothing & Essentials

Daily laundry service is available at the lodge. Please check the weather <http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/hdfForecast?query=wollaston+lake> in the days leading up to your trip for forecast details.

We suggest that you plan your fishing clothing for all weather conditions, layers that can be added or subtracted is best. Quality windshirts, polar fleece, rainsuits, polarized glasses and other sportswear items are available at our tackle shop in the main lodge.

Cool-weather fishing clothing

•Quality rain gear
•Waterproof footwear
•Heavy shirt & socks
•Insulated underwear
•Insulated gloves and hat
•Layers – Windbreaker, Hoodie, Fleece
•Heavier jacket (recommended in early spring or late fall)

Warm-weather fishing clothing

•Tennis shoes
◦Casual clothing & shoes for in camp (dining, etc)

Must bring

•Fishing licence
•Small overnight bag with essentials for first night in Winnipeg
•Polarized Sunglasses

Don’t forget

•Toiletries & medications – we recommend you pack your vital medications in your carry-on bag for the flight to Winnipeg
•Shampoo, soap, body wash & hair dryers (available upon request) are provided by the lodge
•Insect repellent
•Camera, batteries or charger, phone charging cord
•Waterproof bag for transporting your gear in the boat and on flyouts

Fishing Gear

•Conventional Tackle:

◦Pike and Lake Trout: 6’6” – 7’ medium heavy to heavy rods, reels spooled with 30# to 80# braided line (mandatory), steel or titanium leaders – minimum 12” long, minimum 30# test.
◦Walleye: 6’ medium light to medium spinning, 6# – 12# line.
◦Grayling: 5’ – 6’ ultra-light with 4# – 6# line.

•Lures for Pike

◦#3 to #6 Mepps/Blue Fox spinners,
◦Mann’s 1-Minus,
◦Rattlin Rap,
◦Topwater baits like Zara Spook or Whopper Plopper,
◦Soft baits like Sluggos, lizards, or swimbaits.
◦500 series Buchertails
◦Musky baits are popular in August

•Lures for Lake Trout

◦Dardevle Husky Devle
◦T-60 Flatfish
◦Rattlin’ Raps and smaller spoons for “action” trout

•Lures for Walleye

◦2 ½” to 3 ½” deep running crankbaits
◦1/8 to ¼ jigs with twister tails, Powerbaits or Gulp
◦Lindy Rigs, floating jigs, etc

•Lures for Arctic Grayling

◦Small spinners, sizes #00, #0, #1
◦Small spoons
◦Crappie jigs

•Flyfishing Gear: Pike

◦8’ to 9’, 9wt to 10 wt rods, WF floating or sink tip lines, 100 yds backing, minimum 20 lb test mono leader, wire bite guard.
◦Streamers and topwater flies, 3” to 12” long

•Flyfishing Gear: Arctic Grayling

◦7’6” to 9’, 3wt to 6wt rods, floating line, 6’ to 9’ tapered leaders, 3x to 5x
◦Dry flies (sizes 10 to 14) – Adams, Wulff, Elkhair Caddis, etc
◦Wet flies (sizes 6 to 14) – wooly worm, prince nymph, stonefly nymph, etc.