saskatchewan moose

Northern Saskatchewan is home to all three subspecies of moose; Shiras, Canadian and the Yukon/Alaskan. Trophy moose in the North have been sought after by many people over the years; often times being among the top animal on many people’s bucket list. Weighing up to 1000+ lbs and having a spread up to 60+ inches, Wilderness Family Outfitters has a new opportunity to offer the chance to harvest one of these amazing animals. The thrill of the hunt, the “up close and personal” encounters and the celebration after the hard work pays off, is something that you’ll never forget. The experience alone is enough to have stories to last a lifetime. Join Wilderness Family Outfitters on a journey that will put food on the table and an amazing memory on the wall.


The WFO Experience

The WFO Experience

Enjoy canada's rugged north...

traversing across the swamps on an argo, trolling along the shorelines in a boat, or trekking through the trails on a quad, we have the areas and the means to get you there. 

We suggest using a rifle to maximize your odds of going home with a trophy, however that's not always what it's about. We cater to bow hunters who are up for the challenge and able to listen to direction and place their shot accurately. We can accommodate those will disabilities such as paraplegics, amputees and those who require personal assistance as well.



Our main source of transportation will be via boat. Depending on your accessibility and mobility level, we will assess our hunting areas accordingly and and get you where you want to be as comfortably as possible. We can accommodate those will disabilities such as paraplegics, amputees and those who require personal assistance.



Not always is the argo needed but they sure are nice when they are. Whether we need access to very swampy and remote areas, or we have a moose down and need to transport, argos make hard work easy with their many uses and capabilities. Not only are they functional but they are unique, adding to the experience if you have never been on one before.



ATV's are often needed to access areas far away. With power steering and four wheel drive capabilities, it'll get you where you need to go when time and comfort are of the essence.




Hunting for moose in the north is something everyone needs to experience. It's such a rewarding and exhilarating feeling during all aspects of the hunt. Join us and let us help you take this majestic animal off of your bucket list.

The hunt

- 6 days of hunting and 7 nights of northern sleep. (Example: get to camp on Sunday, hunt Monday to Saturday and leave the following Sunday.)
- Round-trip airfare and travel from Saskatoon to camp.
- Hotel and shuttle service upon arrival into Saskatoon.
- 1 on 1 guide service: spot and stalk, calling, etc.
- Home cooked meals daily.
- Transportation via boat, argo, and or ATV.

- Hide, meat and antler prep: Pictures, packing out, skinning, etc.
- Fall black bear opportunity.
- Fishing on Wollaston Lake.

Black bear

Your WFO moose hunt includes a chance at a "spot and stalk" black bear. Black bears, this time of year, can be tricky to find because of the excessive amount of berries that cover the land, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. With the purchase of a licence, you will have the opportunity to harvest a Saskatchewan fall black bear if you so desire. These bears have been feasting since May and will be prepping for the winter to come; they can reach up to 600 pounds plus! Don't opt out and regret the decision, ask us how you can give yourself a chance a beautiful Saskatchewan black bear.


Keep the good times rolling! Whether you want to kill time during your hunt or you tag out early and want to enjoy the lake, fishing on Wollaston Lake will do just that. This time of year, the lake trout head for shallow waters to spawn, making them easy target to fish for. Oh, and don't forget the massive Norther Pike that Wollaston Lake is famous for!

all of this can be yours, for only